Acres of Hope - Uganda

In partnership with you, ONEless creates long-term solutions to prevent human trafficking and to bring hope to the world’s most vulnerable. Through the creation of sustainable homes in Northern Uganda for orphans, vulnerable children, and widows, we help create new families, provide education opportunities, and demonstrate Christ’s love.


ONEless partners with Acres of Hope Uganda to build homes of hope.

The ultimate plan of Acres of Hope is to give hope for a future to orphans and vulnerable children by providing them with basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, and an education. The goal is that these children will mature and become productive, generous citizens who will pay it forward and help others in the community.

The steps involved in achieving these goals are numerous, but it starts with sharing the love of Christ. The most vulnerable and needy children are brought to Acres of Hope to live with other children in the care and supervision of house mothers. There is also a “warden” who lives on the site to oversee the mothers and the children. He ensures the daily activities of the homes run smoothly and properly. When necessary, he is able to take children to get medical attention so that the mothers can stay with the other children.-Acres of Hope Uganda, “The Plan”.

Our Goals

  • To increase the capacity of Acres of Hope Uganda, to house and serve widows & vulnerable children in Northern Uganda. In 2014, ONEless raised over $34,000 for a fifth home on the property of Acres of Hope Uganda. UPDATE: The home is completed and currently houses children.

  • To empower widows as mothers, to provide love and care to biological children & six to eight vulnerable children and orphans.

  • To raise $8800 for one year of food for widow & children in two homes.



ONEless recognizes that the services & funding needed to maintain the home will increase. Therefore it is essential that the Home of Hope Uganda fund continue to grow so that the physical & educational needs of those living in the home are met and they have the opportunity to learn about Christ & His love for them.