Adoption Grant FAQs

Adoption Grant Application Process

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?

Please fill out the references online, and mail the application and all other documents in one envelope/packet.

Can we apply if we’re not working with an agency?

No, at this time we only awards grants to families working with a licensed, non-profit (501c3) agency.

Can single people apply?

Yes, we award grants to two-parent families and single-parent families.

How do your deadlines work?

We accept grants throughout the entire year.  We have four deadlines, and our grant meetings correspond to these deadlines.  Thus, we award grants four times a year.  Our deadlines are:

March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31.  The online portion AND the mailed documents must all be received in one of these time frames.  The mailed documents must be post-marked until the last date of that quarter (dates listed above).  Any paperwork post-marked after that quarter’s date will be placed in the next quarter.

When should I apply for a grant?

All applicants must have a completed home study and be working with a licensed, 501c3 agency in order to apply for a ONEless grant. You may apply as soon as both those statements are true; however, the grant committee does look at length of time before likely travel.  The applicant may choose to e-mail us to let us know about any up-dates in the adoption journey.

How will I know my application is complete?

Once we have received all your paperwork, you will receive an e-mail within three weeks of the post-marked date of your documents, letting you know we have received everything.

Can I receive a grant after I travel?

Yes, you can receive a grant after you travel. However, we must receive all paperwork before you travel. If your file is complete and all paperwork has been received, but you travel before our grant meets for that quarter, you are still eligible to receive a grant.

When and how are grants awarded?

Grants will be awarded within 60 days after the end of the quarter.  All checks are mailed directly to the adoption agencies on behalf of the families.

Are we notified about the outcome of the review process?

Yes, each applicant will receive a letter (via USPS) regarding the outcome of the review process.

If we are not awarded a grant at this time, can we apply again?

You can apply one time for each adoption, and you are welcome to apply again for another adoption in the future.

What is the monetary amount of the grants?

Most grants awarded are $500.

What criteria do you use in the review process?

Our committee considers many different factors in the review process. Some of those factors include but are not limited to: financial need, stewardship with current finances, special needs adoptions, sibling group adoptions, and adoption of children who are about to age-out of the orphan system.

Can I apply if I live overseas?

Yes, you can apply for a grant if you live overseas.  However, one applicant must be a U.S. citizen. If you are currently living overseas, please provide us with an address in the United States we can use for our correspondence.We are excited you are choosing to make ONEless! We wish we could financially support every family who contacts us, but at this time, that is not possible.  Please know that ONEless Ministries commits to supporting your family in prayer as you walk through this amazing adoption journey!