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Care Kits

“The initial exchange … sets the tone for all subsequent interactions between the minor and other law enforcement, advocates, and social service providers. Without receiving compassion or empathy from the police, a child may come to view anyone involved in his or her case with contempt and distrust, thereby compromising the child’s openness towards after-care services.” – Holly Austin Smith, “Law enforcement training: The missing service for victims of human trafficking”, Washington Times Communities



Creating a Legacy of Compassion


After hearing Detective Matt Dixon speak at the First Annual ONEless Benefit Dinner about having to purchase basic necessities for those rescued from human trafficking, ONEless developed an opportunity for supporters to create care kits. These care kits provide a sports bra, underwear, and basic toiletries to victims rescued out of human trafficking in order to create a legacy of compassion. These care kits are distributed for police departments and officers to have readily available to give to victims immediately after they are rescued from human trafficking. Please contact ONEless about obtaining care kits for your organization or police department to distribute.


Victims of human trafficking are often rescued without clothing or undergarments. They also need basic toiletries. By supplying these basic necessities, we can all be involved in showing compassion to those who have suffered.


One Care Kit Costs


$20 for a female kit
$24 for a male kit


Care Kit Information - downloadable PDF.

Get Involved

Interested in getting involved with our Care Kit Program? Here’s how:

For individuals:

Collection Drives (collect items for care kits)
Come to a Packing Party
Become a ONEless donor

For business, churches, and non profits:


Become a care kit donation drop off location
Be a Care Kit Packing Party location

Become a corporate or organizational donor

Contact us to get involved or to partner with ONEless.

Recent Partners

*A Bridge of Hope - This Cordova, TN based organization distributes the care kits at Law Enforcement Trainings for Human Trafficking Victim Awareness


*Out of Darkness - This Atlanta, GA based organization distributed care kits to local law enforcement and as part of their street outreach team during the 2013 Super Bowl in New Orleans.